Home Inspection and Home Maintenance Articles

Home Inspection and Home Maintenance Articles 

Most home maintenance items are important for preserving your investment; it can be confusing trying to establish which are the most critical. We are putting together information here about Home inspection  and Home Maintenance. These are not intended to  replace any of the information in a home inspection report. They should, however, help you get started on the right foot. Remember, any items marked as safety or priority issues on your home inspection report should be dealt with sooner than later.



Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs)

Air Sampling for Mold Inspections

Attached Garage Fire Containment

Barbeque Safety

Basic Waterproofing for Basements

Bathroom Ventilation Ducts and Fans

Carpet Mold: Identification, Prevention and Removal

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Detectors

Central Air-Conditioning System Maintenance

Child Proofing Windows and Stairs

12 Child Safety Devices / Child Proofing Your Home

Clothes Dryer Vent Safety

Fire Safety for the Home

Garage doors

Kickout Flashing

Nightlights , Facts and Figures

Smoke alarm, also known as a smoke detector

Swimming Pool Alarms

Swimming Pool Safety Guidelines


Temperature Pressure Relief  Valves and Discharge Piping

Ten Tips to Speed Up Your Home Inspection